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5 Ways You’re Accidentally Harming Skin

August 21, 2020 3 min read

5 Ways You’re Accidentally Harming Skin

If you’re reading this blog, you’re likely someone who values quality skincare. You strive to have clear, glowing skin that boosts your confidence, right? Of course! But did you know there are very likely  skincare mistakes you’re performing on a daily basis that are actually harming your skin?

For most of us, we commit these  skincare mistakes without evening knowing we’re doing it, but unfortunately, that won’t save us from the inevitable damage that is almost guaranteed to follow. 

If you’re ready to break your bad skincare habits, read on and we’ll set you straight. 

But first, make sure you’re not performing some of the most well-known skincare no-nos, including  picking your skin and  not wearing sunscreen

Okay, enough talk, let’s dive in. 

  • How much dairy are you consuming?

  • Cheese, yogurt, ice cream, milk, it’s easy enough to let this build-up, but we recommend closely monitoring your dairy consumption.

    Unfortunately, because the majority of dairy is over-processed, it’s full of hormones that can cause acne and inflammation in your skin. No thank you. 

    If you’re looking for more tips on what foods can help give you the glow you’re looking for, check out these  top foods to avoid for the best skin and thesecommon food sensitivities that cause acne.  

  • Are you checking your thermostat? 

  • At this point, we should all know about the importance of applying daily sunscreen, especially on the hottest days. Having said that, while you’re checking the weather outside, are you considering the weather inside? 

    Oftentimes, blasting the AC or cranking up the heat in the winter can have a negative impact on your skin. For many, both the AC and heating can suck moisture out from the air,  leaving skin dehydrated

    To combat this, monitor your thermostat, and, when AC and heating are unavoidable, consider using a humidifier to restore moisture back into the air. Your skin will thank you.  

  • How often do you wash your bedsheets?

  • We have no doubt that you wash your bedsheets, but how often?

    Dirt, oil, and bacteria from both your face and your hair can quickly and easily buildup on your pillowcases. The result is clogged pores, breakouts, and oily skin that easily could have been avoided by simply running a load of laundry or having backup pillowcases on hand. 

  • How many hair products are you using?

  • While we, by no means, want to discourage you from using hair products, we do want to caution you about spraying hair products too close to your face. While your hair is obviously the target, often, any type of hair spray product can easily end up on your face. Say hello to unwanted pimples. 

  • Do you shower after swimming? 

  • We love swimming as much as the next person, but did you know that chlorine can wreak havoc on your skin? Extremely drying, chlorine can cause your skin to endure some serious irritation, and if you know anything about skin irritation, then you know that irritation almost always leads to breakouts. 

    Avoid chlorine induced pimples by simply showering off after your dip in the pool.


    If you’re like most ladies out there, there’s a good chance you’re in danger of breaking at least one of these skincare rules. 

    Consider your dairy, check your thermostat, wash your bedsheets, be careful with hair products, and don’t forget to shower off after the pool. 

    It’s time to stop accidentally harming your skin. Who’s in?

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