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Beauty and Personal Care Trends 2021 

April 02, 2021 2 min read

Beauty and Personal Care Trends 2021 

At Jolicoeur, beauty and personal care trends have always been important to us, but with stress and anxiety heightened in 2020, now more than ever, the general community is getting on board with our love for beauty and personal care. 

Not only because taking care of yourself can increase your confidence, self-esteem, and general disposition, but many find that personal care can be relaxing, soothing, and even meditative. 

Sounds pretty great, huh?

If you’re looking to add the latest beauty and personal care trends into your routine, give these a go: 

  • More massage based skincare

  • Have you heard of lymphatic drainage?

    If not, just you wait, it’s about to be everywhere. 

    Both relaxing as a facial massage and effective for reducing facial puffiness, lymphatic drainage is one of our favorite personal care trends showing up in 2021. 

    To put it simply, lymphatic drainage is a special massage technique that stimulates the lymphatic system, helping to drain a buildup of lymph, toxins, and fluid from the face. 

    Add a powerful serum like ourRUBY Superfruit Serum for even more noticeable results. 

  • Home facials 

  • Speaking of a facial massage that you can perform on yourself, we’re also seeing more and more people interested in trying out their own facials at home. 

    Stocking up on all your favorite skincare serums, masks, treatments, and exfoliants, with proper technique, application, and attention to detail, performing a home-based facial isn’t as hard as you might think.

    Be sure you’re using quality skincare products, and you’re one step closer to your own home-based facial.  

  • Dry brushing 

  • Moving away from the face, we’re also seeing a reemergence of dry brushing in the beauty world. 

    Using a special brush with coarse bristles, dry brushing is a technique that stimulates blood flow, detoxifies the body, and helps exfoliate dry skin. 

    To increase your dry brushing results even further, try using something like ourFLAWLESS Cellulite Removal Cream after dry brushing. 

  •  Skin first makeup routines 

  • When you think of makeup routines, your first instinct might be to load up on foundation, concealer, a pretty blush, bold bronzer, and dreamy lip color. 

    But here’s the thing: In 2021, we’re seeing more beauty influencers focusing on skin-first makeup routines. 

    Think glowy skin with neutral colors, glossy lipsticks, and a simple swipe of mascara. Never has it been easier to achieve an on-trend makeup routine. 

  • Say goodbye to matte 

  • Diving a little deeper into makeup and skin, let’s get one thing clear: Matte skin is out. 


    So is overly dewy skin. 

    Instead, we’re going for natural skin. So instead of reaching for that heavy foundation, opt for a light CC Cream. And, rather than slathering your skin in pore-clogging oil, use a drop of ahylaronic acid serum to help bring a natural glow to your skin without overdoing it. 

    At Jolicoeur, we’re obsessed with all things beauty, and we can’t wait to see how you incorporate these beauty and personal care trends into your routine for a more vibrant you in 2021. 

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