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Got Oily Skin? Don’t Fall For These 4 Biggest Myths

December 25, 2020 3 min read

Got Oily Skin? Don’t Fall For These 4 Biggest Myths

We love a good dewy complexion as much as the next person, but there’s a fine line between dewy and just plain oily. 

Have you crossed over onto the oily side of the spectrum? Chances are, you’re probably not finding yourself too happy over in oily land. If this sounds about right, today we’re going to help you out with your oily skin by sharing the 4 biggest oily skin myths.

No worries if you’ve been falling for these myths—we’ve all been there—but let’s stop going forward, okay?

Clean up your skincare routine by not falling for these oily skin myths:

Oily Skin Myth #1: Moisturizing will make my skin more oily 

Intuitively, this one makes sense, but once you know how your skin actually produces oil, you’ll stop falling for this skincare myth. 

Hydrating skincare products will not make your skin more oily. 

In fact, skipping out on moisturizing could be what is making your skin so oily in the first place. 

When your skin is dehydrated and begging for moisture, it starts producing extra oil to compensate. Don’t let your skin get to this point by ensuring that you’re using a daily moisturizer like ourCreme D’Or Daily Renewal Cream.

Trust us, avoiding skin hydration is one of the worst things you can do for your skin.  

Oily Skin Myth #2: Washing my face more will help control oil production 

Remember how we just said overly dehydrated skin produces excess oil? Well, when you wash your face in excess, you strip the skin of its natural oil, resulting in overly dehydrated skin.

Be sure that you’re only washing your face twice a day (once in the morning and once at night). Extra washing will not make the oil go away—it will just make it worse. 

Oily Skin Myth #3:Blotting papers will help control my oily skin 

Sure, blotting papers will help control oily skin, but only temporarily. 

Blotting papers don’t get to the root of the problem and don’t treat your skin with any of the proper ingredients that it’s likely craving. 

Rather than relying on blotting papers, it’s much better to invest in skincare products that can really help with excess oil production.  

Oily Skin Myth #4: Getting sun will help dry up my oily skin 

Nope, nope, nope. 

If you’re sitting outin the sun without protection thinking that you’re doing yourself any favors, it’s time to reevaluate your skincare. 

Unprotected sun exposure is never recommended, no matter what your skin type. 

While you may notice some temporary relief from oily skin after sun exposure, the impact is short-lived and you’ll likely find that your oily skin comes back ten-fold. 


Because, as mentioned, oily skin is often the result of dehydration. By sitting out in the sun, you dehydrate your skin to the extreme, resulting in more oil production. 

ALWAYS use sun protection, okay?

Bottom line 

We bet you’re seeing a bit of a pattern here: like most skincare concerns, oily skin is almost always the result of dehydration and irritation. 

Treating your skin with any harsh products or techniques is not going to do anything for your oily skin. 

Instead, be sure that your hydrating your skin properly, being gentle, and treating it with top-quality products that are soothing, natural, and gentle. 

Bye-bye oil. 

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