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How To Simplify Your Skincare Routine For Best Results

April 03, 2020 3 min read

How To Simplify Your Skincare Routine For Best Results

We can’t emphasize this enough: When it comes to building the perfect skincare routine, no matter what the state of your skin currently, simple is always better. No ifs, ands, or buts.

For instance, if you’restruggling with acne, you might be tempted to lather on all the best cleansers. And yes, if you’re starting to see unwanted fine lines and wrinkles making an appearance, you may be itching to test out every anti-aging product under the sun. And oh, don’t even get us started on the overuse of expensive treatments, procedures, and harsh chemicals that many people use on a daily basis.    

Sound familiar? 

Don’t worry, this isn’t a particularly uncommon response to have when trying to build your perfect skincare routine, but if you want a smooth and radiant complexion, you have to pare it back. 

Why? Let’s discuss.  

Why do we recommend a simple skincare routine?

The answer to this question is fairly simple…

We always recommend a simplified skincare routine because the simpler the routine, the less likely it is for your skin to become irritated. 

Whether it be acne prone skin, sensitive skin,overly dry skin, or oily skin, the main culprit of your skincare troubles is almost always irritation. If you’re putting products on your skin that are harsh and irritating, you’ll develop problematic skin. This is especially true when you have a complex skincare routine that requires layering on product after product. 

Remember, the more products you’re using, the more opportunities you’re providing for a negative reaction. Simply the routine and you’re one step closer to clear skin. 

Key considerations to make when simplifying your routine 

Having said all of this, there are two primary considerations we want you to keep in mind when simplifying your skincare routine: 

  1. While a complex routine that results in irritation is often a main culprit in your skincare concerns, it’s not guaranteed to be the only factor. It’s important to also consider things like diet, pollution, and hygiene as possible factors. 
  2. Secondly, remember that everyone has different skin. The amount of product that your skin can handle might be considerably different than what your friend can handle. In other words, “simple” looks different on everyone. If you’re using multiple Jolicoeur products and your skin is looking fantastic, keep it up. Simplifying is only necessary if you’re struggling. 

If this sounds like you, and you’d like to simplify your skincare routine, here’s what we recommend: 

  • Exfoliate once per week 

  • While some people can handle exfoliating multiple times a week, if your skin is feeling tired and irritated, take it back to once a week. This will help ensure you remove unwanted dead skin cells that clog pores, but it will also ensure you’re not overdoing it on the harsh exfoliation.  

  • Pick a product and stick with it

  • Sometimes our skin just needs a little consistency. Sure, you can feel free to try out new products, but when you’re struggling with your skin, pick products that you already know work and stick with them. 

  • Seek out simple ingredients 

  • At Jolicoeur we always strive to bring you the most nutrient-dense skincare products that are full of top-quality organic ingredients. Having said that, not every company is the same. Be diligent about what you’re putting on your face. The less complicated the ingredients, the better.

  • Cleanser, toner, moisturizer (+ serum)

  • The perfect trio: cleanser, toner, moisturizer. Beyond this, adding in too many other steps into your routine is often unnecessary. Having said that, for best resultswe do recommend a serum to really boost hydration. In general, though, your daily skincare routine shouldn’t expand too far outside that. 

  •  Don’t overthink it

  • And lastly, and probably most importantly, don’t overthink it! You know your skin best, and oftentimes your intuition will guide you in knowing what is good for your skin. For instance, if you need something with stronger ingredients and you’re seeing positive results, keep going! On the other hand, if you keep trying new products with no success, why not simplify? 

    Trust us, when it comes to simplifying your skincare routine, you’ll know what’s best for you. For best results, follow your intuition. Plain and simple.

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