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How To Take Care of Dehydrated Skin

July 10, 2020 3 min read

How To Take Care of Dehydrated Skin

First off, if you’re dealing with dehydrated skin, we want you to go back and read this article all about  how to manage dry skin. In it, you’ll find all of our best tips on transforming your dry skin. 

However, if you’ve gone through that article and you’re still not finding relief, we’re going to add to it to really help you boost your skin’s hydration levels. 

Because yes, while dry skin is certainly common, dehydrated skin takes things to a whole new level, and we’d rather you avoid dry, flaky skin. 

Sound good?

Here are our best tips for taking care of dehydrated skin: 

  • Consider your touch 

  • We’ve said this so many times now it might be getting old, but we’re going to say it again…

    No matter what your skin type, a soft touch is always recommended. Roughly scrubbing at your skin can lead to irritation, redness, and inflammation. Not only can this cause the skin to break out in pimples, but the more irritated your skin, the more difficult it is to balance your hydration levels. 

    Keep skin happy and nourished by applying your products with a gentle and light touch. This is particularly important if you’re using an exfoliator. As mentioned in our article about  dry skin, only use an exfoliator once a week, especially if your skin is overly dry and irritated. 

    If you need help picking an exfoliator that’s right for your skin, read this article. 

  • Use a serum 

  • If you’re not already, a serum is absolutely key to an effective skincare routine, especially if you’re dealing with dry skin. 

    Not only can a serum help deliver hydration back to the skin, but a serum also often helps with cellular turnover, which is particularly important when we’re talking about dry skin that tends to sit on the surface. 

    If you need more convincing about  why a serum is so important, you’ll find all your answers here

    In addition, you’ll find all  our best serums here

  • Consider the weather

  • Dry skin can happen at any time of year. While we often think of dry skin as a winter problem, remember, if you’re regularly exposing your bare skin to UV rays, you’re undoubtedly drying it out. 

    In the winter, opt for thick moisturizers that help lock moisture in despite the bitter windchill. In the summer, ensure you’re using at least SPF 30 every day to help protect your skin against the drying sun. 

  • Use hyaluronic acid

  • Hyaluronic acid can sound a little scary, but trust us, when it comes to an ingredient that excels at delivering moisture to the skin, this is it!

    Adding hyaluronic acid to your skincare routine is especially important if you’ve started to notice signs of aging. Your body naturally produces hyaluronic acid; however, as you age, production decreases, leading to drier and duller skin. 

    Using skincare that utilizes hyaluronic acid will help prevent this. 

    Our  AMETHYST Hyaluronic Acid Serum is a great option here. 

  • Sleep!

  • It might not sound like a big deal, but sleep is one of the most neglected factors when it comes to good skincare. While sleeping more won’t magically erase your dry skin, it will have an effect on its vibrancy. 

    Reduce stress to get a better night’s sleep, and you’ll start to see the effect showing up on your face. 

    So, tell us: Do you consider your skin dry or dehydrated?

    Because yes, there is a difference between dry and dehydrated skin. 

    Just to refresh, dry skin results from lack of oil in the skin, while dehydrated skin is from a lack of water. 

    It might be hard to tell the difference, but if you’re truly convinced your skin is dehydrated, focus on replenishing your skin with water. The more water you drink and apply directly to your skin, the more likely it is that you’ll have success managing your dehydrated skin. 

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