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Our Tops Tips For Fighting Acne

March 06, 2020 3 min read

Our Tops Tips For Fighting Acne

While we all know that a person’s beauty goes beyond the look of their skin, that doesn’t mean dealing with acne is a welcomed experience. Acne can easily make you feel self-conscious, anti-social, and in some cases, for those who really struggle with severe acne, it can manifest in depression. 

Again, we want to reiterate that your value goes so beyond the look of your skin, but for those of you who are struggling with problematic acne, we want to share some quick and easy tips that can help you fight your acne. 

Everybody deserves radiant skin, and with these tips on your radar, you’re one step closer to a clear complexion. Follow along: 

1) Opt for gentle products 

First things first, take stock of what products you’re using on your skin. Even if you think your products are well-formulated for acne, oftentimes, acne results from overly irritated skin. If you’re overusing harsh chemicals and acids on your skin, there’s a good chance you're only further irritating the acne.  

To combat this, we recommend paying close attention to the products you’re using and how their affecting your skin. For instance, something like our UNICORN Acne Clarifying Mist is a great option for acne-prone skin because we intentionally formulated this product with skin soothing ingredients, like witch hazel and lavender distillate, while also adding in more traditional acne fighting ingredients, like salicylic acid. The result is an ideal combo that both soothes irritated skin and fights the appearance of new acne.

2) Avoid harsh exfoliants 

We get it, acne is frustrating, but please, don’t take your frustration out on your skin by harshly scrubbing at it. Exfoliating on a daily basis or scrubbing at your skin with your regular cleanser will only serve to further irritate your acne.

Instead of scrubbing, simply let your fingers glide over your skin, and rather than exfoliating daily, try only once a week. Of course, though, if you’re struggling with a lot of active acne, we would suggest not exfoliating at all. Scrubbing at your acne is one of the worst things you can do when you’re trying to calm the inflammation. 

3) Be mindful about your diet 

The products you put on your face are obviously important, but what you put into your body is almost just as important when we’re talking about achieving clear skin. 

Having said that, there is no one-size-fits-all approach for a healthy skin diet. For some, dairy can be an issue. For others, their skin might act up when they eat a diet high in fats. The key here is to be mindful about how your body is reacting to certain foods, especially as it relates to an increase or decrease in pimples. 

4) Keep a journal/track your progress 

Jumping off that last tip, we highly recommend keeping some sort of journal to document what is working and what isn’t working with your skincare routine. 

It’s easy enough to think you can simply keep track of everything in your head, but when you’re taking the time to write things down and really paying attention to when new pimples form, you might be able to make a connection between your lifestyle and your skin that you never thought of. 

Also, be sure to write down anything and everything that might come to mind. For example, we all know stress can be a big factor when it comes to an increase in acne, so if you’re having a hard time at work or you’re going through something with a significant other, mark this down. Taking note of these types of lifestyle events can help you uncover the mystery of your acne. 

5) Implement the ‘less is more’ approach 

And lastly, probably the best tip we can give you when it comes to fighting acne, try the less is more approach. 

This means simplifying your skincare routine down to the basics: cleanser and moisturizer. If you have a product that you like that is specifically for acne, like theUNICORN Acne Clarifying Mist, go ahead and use that, but generally, the less you’re using on your face, the better. 

Remember, skin can be very picky, and less product means a better chance of avoiding an irritant that is making your skin worse. 

Bottom line: keep it simple, be gentle, and don’t forget to consider both what you’re putting on your face and in your body. Follow these 5 simple tips, and we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see what a difference they can make in the look and feel of your skin.

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