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The Endless Beautifying Effects of Papaya Seed Oil 

September 25, 2020 3 min read

The Endless Beautifying Effects of Papaya Seed Oil 

If you’re like most skincare enthusiasts, you’re likely constantly on the hunt for new ingredients and products to get your skin looking its most radiant. 

Sound about right?

If so, we can’t wait to introduce you to papaya seed oil. One of the most undervalued skincare ingredients out there, one little drop of this magical addition will have you wondering how you ever survived without it. 

Seriously, it’s just that good. 

Don’t believe us? Sit back, relax, and let us tell you all about the endless beautifying effects of papaya seed oil. 

  • Papaya seed oil helps control acne 

  • We wanted to start off with a bang, because likely if you’vedealt with acne, then you’re well aware of the fact that finding a solution can be a real mystery. 

    Enter papaya seed oil. 

    Full of enzymes like papain and chymopapain, papaya seed oil reduces inflammation like nobody’s business, which is key to fighting acne and soothing skin. 

    In addition, papain has been known to help reduce the buildup of keratin (i.e. those small white bumps that tend to go along with acne). 

  • Papaya seed oil helps with melasma 

  • Equally as disheartening as acne, melasma is one of those skin conditions that can be difficult to treat. 

    Again, add in papaya seed oil to your skincare routine, and there’s a strong possibility your melasma starts to diminish. 


    Papaya seed oil is full of beta-carotene, vitamins, and phytochemicals that have skin-lightening properties that canhelp reduce hyperpigmentation. Buh-bye dark spots. 

  • Papaya seed oil has anti-aging effects 

  • Let’s be honest, you love a good anti-aging product, right?

    What about when that anti-aging product is natural and gentle?

    Sounds like a pretty great combo, right?

    Well, it’s your lucky day because papaya seed oil ticks all three boxes. 

    Thanks to its regenerating properties, papaya seed oil promotes healing and reverses damage to the face (i.e.wrinkles caused by UV damage). 

  • Papaya seed oil promotes glow 

  • We’ll keep this simple: For an even complexion and glowing skin, you need to add papaya seed oil into your routine ASAP. Your skin will thank you. 

  • Papaya seed oil softens skin 

  • As a natural exfoliant, regular use of papaya seed oil banishes dry skin cells, giving your skin that perfectly soft feel that we’re all striving for. 

    Not to mention, not only will you banish dry skin, but you’ll also find that papaya seed oil removes buildup of dirt and oil. 

    Also, keep in mind, despite this being an oil, papaya seed oil is extremely light, meaning it won’t clog your pores. As an exfoliant, it cleans out your pores. Sound good?  

    How can I get more papaya seed extract into my skincare routine?

    Did we convince you of all the beautifying effects of papaya seed oil? If you’re nodding your head enthusiastically, you’re also probably wondering how exactly you can add this powerful ingredient to your routine. 

    And no, you don’t have to go out to the supermarket and start juicing papaya to receive all the benefits. Instead, you can simply pick up our super-popularGOLDEN MYLK Whipped Brightening Body Butter

    One of our best-selling products, this luxurious body butter gives you all the benefits listed above and more. 

    While papaya seed oil is one of the main contributors for its effectiveness, you’ll also find ingredients like shea butter for extreme hydration, mango butter for nourishing antioxidants, coconut oil to eliminate bacteria, sweet almond oil for improved complexion, carrot seed oil for brightness, turmeric oil to reverse pigmentation, and 24-carat gold powder to increase collagen. 

    Can one product really do all that? 

    Yes, it absolutely can, and once you experienceGOLDEN MYLK for yourself, you’ll quickly understand why we’re so passionate about it. 

    Get more papaya seed oil into your skincare routine with someGOLDEN MYLK. You can thank us later.

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