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The Perfect Routine To Prevent Sun Damage

July 02, 2021 3 min read

The Perfect Routine To Prevent Sun Damage

While we’re all for getting outdoors and enjoying time in the sunshine, not too surprisingly, we’re not big fans of sun damage. Not only can the sun damage your skin and age you with wrinkles and sunspots, but being in the sun without protection can also cause skin cancer. 

If you want to keep your skin looking youthful and fresh, no matter how much time you spend in the sun, adopting a reliable skincare routine that prevents sun damage is key. 

Are you ready to enjoy the sun while making sure you’re protected against those harmful UV rays? No worries, we’ve got you covered. 


Sunscreen, sunscreen sunscreen

Are you shocked that we’re starting here? Probably not. 

If there’s only one thing that you take away from this list, we hope that it’s the importance of daily sunscreen application. 

In particular, in the summer months, we highly recommend the use of sunscreen with at least SPF30 (at minimum). This should be adequate protection; however, if you’re someone who spends a lot of time in direct sunlight, or you’re prone to burning, we would recommend sunscreen with an even higher SPF. 


Apply sunscreen directly to the skin 

Here’s where most people get tripped up with their sun protection. 

When applying sunscreen, ideally, you apply it directly onto the skin. This means that before you apply any of your daily moisturizers or primers, your sunscreen should come first for the strongest protection.

This also includes applying sunscreen under makeup. 


Don’t be afraid to reapply 

Having said all of that, if it’s the middle of the day and you’re starting to feel your skin dry out or you’ve been in the sun for an especially long time, you’ll want to reapply your sunscreen. 

In a perfect world, you would be able to apply your sunscreen directly onto your skin, but with makeup and other skincare products, we understand the logistics of this are extremely unlikely. 

Reapplying your sunscreen over your makeup is a better alternative than not reapplying at all. 

Pay special attention to specific areas of your face 

Some parts of your face are more prone to burns. Namely, your cheekbones, nose, and around your hairline. 

Your nose and cheekbones tend to burn because they are the first part of your face that the sun touches. Most of us have some awareness of this; however, one part of the face that people often forget to attend to is their hairline. 

Because of sweat, the hairline is very prone to burns. Be aware of this when applying your sunscreen. It’s an easy part of your face to miss, but once you burn there, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. 


Invest in quality sunscreen 

Because we’re discussing applying sunscreen to the face, it’s extremely important to invest in high-quality sunscreen. 

While there are certainly drugstore brands and generic sunscreens that you can pick up at any department store, for your face, we would recommend researching sunscreens that are specifically formulated for your face. 

You don’t want to pick a sunscreen that is overly oily, greasy, or pore-clogging. While you might prevent sun damage this way, you won’t be doing yourself any favors with acne. 

Don’t Neglect Sun Protection 

Too often we see customers neglecting sun protection. While we understand that you might not see the impact of sun damage now, down the road, you will start to see visible signs of sun damage, and trust us, you’ll wish you took our advice. 

Protect your skin from the sun today for beautiful skin tomorrow. 

You can thank us later. 

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