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Why Is Honey A Must In Your Beauty Routine

December 11, 2020 3 min read

Why Is Honey A Must In Your Beauty Routine

When you think of honey you might think of warm baked goods with a nice cup of tea. What you might not think of is your beauty routine. 

Well, guess what? As much as we love a good honey-infused baked good, honey has more uses beyond satisfying your sweet tooth. Honey is an amazing ingredient to include in your beauty routine, and today, we’re going to share with you why. 

Prepare yourself for all the amazing properties of honey. 

  • On your face 

  • As a skincare brand that champions natural and organic skincare alternatives, we had to start off by telling you about all the benefits of honey in your skincare routine. 

    First off, honey has natural healing properties. This includes natural antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic abilities. 

    As a result, it’s probably not too surprising to hear that honey has the ability to keep your skin soft and smooth, but also free of blemishes. 

    Not only that but honey is also well known for its ability to boost collagen, and if you know anything about anti-aging, then you’re probably well aware of the fact that collagen is necessary for keeping skin firm, plump, and wrinkle-free. 

    Bottom line, regular use of honey in your skincare routine can keep your skin in tip-top shape. 

  • On your body 

  • Not only is honey amazing on your face to help prevent acne and blemishes, but we’ve also found that it is incredible for an all-over body treatment. 

    In particular, we love bath products that make use of honey. This way, not only do you get all the benefits of honey from head-to-toe during your bath, but you also get to apply the honey in a way that is relaxing and soothing (self-care for the win). 

    Our favorite honey-based bath products include bath bombs, bath soaks, bath salts, and bath oils. 

    For an all-over body scrub that smells like honey and will leave your skin silky smooth, try ourSugar, Sugar! Honey, Honey! Multivitamin Body Scrub

  • On your nails 

  • Your nails might be a small part of your body, but having well-kept nails can make all the difference in how presentable you both look and feel. 

    And so, to keep nails in tip-top shape, we highly recommend making use of honey as a cuticle moisturizer. 

    As a natural humectant, honey draws moisture into the skin, meaning if you apply honey to your cuticles regularly, your cuticles will remain peel-free and moisturized all year-long. 

  • In your hair 

  • Applying honey to your hair might sound like a bit of a disaster considering how sticky the product is, but if you mix equal parts water with equal parts honey, you should be able to get a consistency that’s thin enough to spread around your hair.

    Again, as a natural humectant, honey draws moisture in, meaning using honey in your hair can leave your strands silky smooth. 

  • On your lips 

  • Soft, smooth, kissable lips? Yes, please. 

    The combination of enzymes, antioxidants, and minerals found in honey will completely change the state of your lips, especially in the winter months when chapped lips are much more prevalent.  

    And hey, if you’re not exactly into a DIY lip product, but you still want to use something that is full of natural/organic ingredients that still work, we highly recommend taking a look into ourLAPIS Brightening Lip Balm

    Bottom Line 

    Honey is an amazing, versatile, natural ingredient that all beauty enthusiasts should be making use of on a daily basis. 

    Get more honey into your beauty routine, and you’ll soon understand the powerful difference this little ingredient can make. 

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